Richard Bailey


By the time he was sixteen he was recording and touring the UK and USA with Johnny Nash and the great Bob Marley. By eighteen he had recorded Jeff Beck’s biggest selling album “Blow By Blow” (1975, Epic/Sony Japan) to critical acclaim and appeared on the film soundtrack “Tommy” alongside Pete Townsend, Phil Chen and Roger Daltrey….. The next decade saw many recordings and tours varying in style from Rock to Reggae to Jazz to Pop and Latin including two world tours with Billy Ocean and Basia….. Richard occupied the drumseat with the the excellent British acid jazz/rock/soul fusion collective “INCOGNITO” for the past 15 years….. More recently he has been an integral part of Steve Winwood’s two important return-to-form recordings, 2003’s About Time (Wincraft) and last year’s Nine Lives (Columbia)….. His versatility has made him a first-call kitman for four decades whilst maintaining his own unique style keeps him much in demand……… (DISCOGRAPHY)…. Joan Armatrading “TRACK RECORD” (A&M).. Batti Mamzelle “I SEE THE LIGHT” (CUBE).. Jeff Beck “BLOW BY BLOW” (EPIC).. Jeff Beck “WIRED” (EPIC).. The Breakfast Band “DOLPHIN RIDE” (BREAKFAST MUSIC).. The Breakfast Band “WATER’S EDGE” (MAKING WAVES).. Gary Boyle “ELECTRIC GLIDE” (GULL).. Brother Resistance “RAPSO TAKEOVER” (MASIMBA CONNECTION).. Paul Carrack “NIGHTBIRD” (VERTIGO).. Al Corley “RIOT OF COLOUR” (PHONOGRAM).. Sharon Forrester “SHARON” (ASHANTI).. Gonzales “HAVEN’T STOPPED DANCING” (EMI).. Cleo Laine.. Linda Lewis “NOT A LITTLE GIRL” (ARISTA).. Linda Lewis “FATHOMS” (RAFT).. Arthur Louis Feat / Eric Clapton “FIRST ALBUM” (POLYDOR).. Max Middleton & Robert Ahwai “ANOTHER SLEEPER” (HARVEST) ’79.. John Mizarolli “MESSAGE FROM THE FIFTH STONE” (CARRERE).. Dick Morrisey & Jim Mullen “CAPE WRATH” (EMI).. Johnny Nash “THE JONNY NASH ALBUM” (CBS).. Billy Ocean “INNER FEELINGS” (EPIC).. Raven Ohtani “RAVEN EYES” (S.M.S.).. Gilbert O’Sullivan “FROBISHER DRIVE”